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Commitment to Serving MSU

Libraries, Computing and Technology is reorganizing its technology units as "Information Technology Services" (or simply "IT Services"). This is part of our efforts to meet a renewed commitment to ensure consistent, and consistently positive, IT experiences across MSU.

Our intent is to change the central IT service, planning, and resource management model from separate departmental units with defined boundaries to a set of purpose-focused, highly coordinated, and flexible teams operating like a single unit.

Transition to IT Services

This transition primarily involves Administrative Information Services (AIS), Academic Technology Services (ATS), University Archives and Historical Collections (UAHC), and Virtual University Design and Technology (vuDAT). Going forward, department identities will be minimized and the IT Services name will be promoted to encourage unity of purpose and action. Details are available at lct.msu.edu/itservices Open new window or tab.

Major Application Areas:
  • Academic Systems and Emerging Technologies
  • Development and Public Relations
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Student Systems
  • Other Systems

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AIS Service Desk:
Telephone: (517) 884-3000
Email: itserve@msu.edu
Chat: Live Chat service Open new window or tab
Hours: Monday thru Friday, 7:00am to 5:00pm

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  • Academic Systems and Emerging Technologies
  • Administrative Services
  • Advancement Systems
  • Budget and Planning
  • Data Administration and Security
  • Enterprise Business Systems Projects
  • HR Payroll Technical Development
  • Leadership
  • Methods and Education Services
  • Planning and Strategy
  • Production Services
  • Project Management Support
  • Service Desk
  • Student Systems
  • Technical Services

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